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If you let things go for even a minute this month, you will feel like your life is a fast- moving train that you are forever running to catch to jump on!.
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Russia grew, Saudi-Arabia emerged and the US set about becoming a super-power. Go back some years to Saturn conjunct Pluto in Gemini and King Charles 1 was beheaded, the monarchy abolished and a republic the Commonwealth of England declared.

And these are just a handful of developments presided over by Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. But is there nothing redeemable about a Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

Decan 1 Leo Horoscope November 12222

Since Saturn is synonymous with governments, the establishment and law and order and Pluto synonymous with underground forces, the deep past, the deep state — deep everything — the potential for eliminating the old, the out-worn, the inappropriate, and the opportunity to expose the rot beneath the surface of pretty well everything in order for new paradigms — a new world — to emerge out of the ashes is surely to be welcomed. On an individual level when these two planets come together, our parents and our forebears the Saturn principle become the source of Plutonic transformation.

We see them in a new light. We revisit our past. And the narrative changes. Belief-systems, life-rules and strategies we individually have built up and relied upon over the years may no longer support us; new structures must emerge from the old. The Saturn-Pluto process can be purging yet cleansing. Reading the characteristics that our co-workers display and learning how to cooperate with them successfully lies at the heart of Astrology in the Workplace.

Astrology in the Workplace will help anyone who wants to bring out the best in themselves and everyone else. Learn More. Astrolutely Fabulous!

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All you ever wanted to know about astrology — and more. And then there is the full moon in Taurus. We need to acquire distance and perspective. Friday Bite. Harry was eighteen years-old when he landed on Gold Beach at am on the 6th June In a month when special days stand next to difficult days, I do have one odd day to report—Sunday, November 24, when Mars will oppose Uranus. This is a challenging, sometimes explosive aspect, where warrior Mars will directly confront Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected.

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Mars will be in your home sector, and Uranus will be in your career sector, so there will be pressure to serve on both fronts. Your family will need you, but so will your boss or client, and both sides will be insistent. What makes this day odd is that on the same day, we will have one of the rarest and most beautiful aspects—Venus conjunct Jupiter—in Capricorn, your workaday sector.

This can have two very different outcomes. In one case, Venus rules your house of honors, awards, and achievements, so you could hear more good news on or near this day. Another way this aspect may affect you—near, but not necessarily on November 24—you may have a romantic feeling for a colleague. You may catch the eye of someone new at work—that person might work in the accounting or budgeting department.

Astrological Sign: Leo

If you work in an industry that deals with historical artifacts, landmark buildings, estates, or antiques and heirlooms, you will also have a good chance of meeting someone on the weekend or near November Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be perfectly situated, so be open to the possibility. Speaking of love, one of the best new moons of the year for your romantic life will appear on November 26 in Sagittarius at four degrees. This new moon will be capable of bringing you exciting new love if you are single, or of drawing you and your partner closer if you are attached.

This lovely new moon might even bring news of a baby if you hope for one. If you have children, you will have more time and fun with them in the weeks ahead. All Leos will have a reason to look forward to this new moon, but if your birthday falls on July 27, plus or minus five days, you will be in a perfect position to take advantage of this gorgeous new moon. The same is true if you have the natal moon in Leo, or Leo rising at four degrees, plus or minus four degrees—you will especially love this new moon.

Jupiter is still in Sagittarius and is about to leave next month on December 2. While you still have Jupiter at your side supporting your love life in a once-inyear visit to your fifth house of truelove, be out and circulate. Have fun this month—see what the world has to offer you. You might be surprised and thrilled with who you meet, especially in the last week of November. Recent unexpected events of late last month involving one or more family members, your home, or other property you might rent or own may be still on your mind as you enter November.

You might have more unsettling news regarding this area when Mars opposes unpredictable Uranus on November The reason might be that you will first have to investigate your array of options. Your career will bring fantastic news within four days of the full moon in Taurus on November Saturn and Pluto, two powerhouse planets, will see that you receive the attention you deserve. If you take a job or promotion at this time, it will represent a major move ahead.

You may want to set up a home office, for it appears you will be bringing work home, and you will want to be comfortable doing it there. Mars will see that you can travel this month, too. You will likely go short distances, most likely for pleasure, perhaps returning to a spot that you used to visit years ago and now would like to experience again. Mars and Jupiter will be in sync on November 12, so that would be your best day to travel for any reason. You might have more than usual interaction with your sibling or a cousin in November, too. Mercury will be retrograde most of the month, a phase he started on October 31 and will continue until November Take your time making decisions, and if you are presented with papers to sign, put off doing so until November Mercury by then moving forward will be in perfect angle to Saturn, giving your agreement a spirit of longevity.

When Mars opposes Uranus on November 24, you may be unexpectedly confronted with news that pulls you in opposite directions, home versus career. Your family may wish you did not spend so much time at the office focusing on your career, but judging by your horoscope, you need to spend time on your professional life.

Once Neptune goes direct on November 27, you will have a good chance of making more money, and doubly so if you work in the arts or entertainment. Neptune will remain strong until the end of June , so you have good prospects for financial gain. Performance-based income will benefit you.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your favorite part of the month will be at the new moon on November 26 in Sagittarius, your solar fifth house of truelove. In the ten days that follow this new moon, fun will rule your days. If you are single, you may meet someone new, so look your best. If you are attached, you may decide to travel together soon, in late November or early December. Do you dream of having a baby?

With this friendly new moon, hold on to that dream, for with your glittering star power trained on your personal life, anything is possible now. Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! SUMMARY Recent unexpected events of late last month involving one or more family members, your home, or other property you might rent or own may be still on your mind as you enter November.

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